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Home Page Updates for Larry - Larry, please try to keep your announcements short and to the point. Try not to write more than a few sentences.
Some Tips - When writing sentence everything will run together without skipping to the next line. So once you write something and want to start on a completely new line you need to add a line break.
To start writing on a new line add this at the end of the previous sentence: <BR>
That is called a line break. You write it right on the form.

To skip a line entirely like I just did here use a double line break like this: <BR><BR>
Make sure you delete your previous comment before adding a new one.
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Here is your stat counter page, The Free One just to check daily keywords and daily referrels.
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Controlled centrally from my website.

To login to your hosting you go to this link: Captain's CPanel
Your username is: ofishlyh
Your password is: OFHC2009CL
Be Careful in here.

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