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Fishing Reports, Nothin like watching kids fishing for the first time in Vero beach!!

Nothin like watching kids fishing for the first time in Vero beach!!

The last month or so has been fantastic fishing! I've had some great guests and awesome fishing. Having two little girls myself made Friday's trip even better.

I got a call two take Brian and three young girls on their first fishing trip. They just wanted to get out on the water and see the sites and maybe catch a fish or two. When we arived at our first spot in south Vero Beach,I got the first bait ready and asked the girls who wanted to fish first. I couldn't give a fishing pole away! Within seconds Katie had a Trout on and then Zoey (hope i'mspelling the names right) caught a nice Trout. The bite was hot and their level of interest started to playa del carmen fishing charters by Fish.Travel. The more fish we caught the more excited they got. They screeched every time i took a bait out of the livewell and squirmed everytime we brought a fish in the boat. It was not an easy task to get a picture of them with their fish.

Once the Trout bite slowed up it was time to move to the other side of flat in search of Redfish. This time when I asked who wanted the pole,they were all ready!!! The first bait hit the water and Zoey had her first Redfish pulling hard at the end of the line. She was screaming the drag was screaming,it was chaos as the fish ran under the boat and the lines got tangled up. When we got the fish in it was all smiles and she even held the fish for a picture.

As always there is somebody that can't even get a bite. It was non stop action all morning, but Diane just couldn't seem to get a hit. She didn't give up though, she was determined to catch something. After about ten minutes in the new spot her bait got knocked clean out of the water by a big Trout and talk about patience!!! She waited for her bait to get hit and finally,FISH ON!!!! She got it in and was readyfor another. The very next cast herbait got exploded on by a nice slot size Redfish. She looked like an old pro reelin it in to. All in all it was a fun day on the water. Great fishing and big smiles!!!!

Date Added: 2011-07-05
Type of Fishing: Saltwater Fishing
Charter Service Name: O'Fishly Hooked Charters
Website URL:
Captains Name: Captain Larry Walter
Email Guide or Angler: Email Captain Larry Walter
Region You Fish: Vero Beach
Biz Phone: 1-772-633-8240


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