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Fishing Reports, Tournament Day

Tournament Day

Well,I have had trips everyday this past week and have slayed the Redfish. That usually means I won't find them on tournament day!
We started off the day with tons of Trout. The Trout bite has been awesome all week. Unfortunately i've only been on 5-6 pounders all week and thats all I found today. The Trout bite was so good,we went through 60 mullett by 9:30. That meant we had to go find mullett and get back before the Reds moved in. We went searching for mullett and it was not easy bonita springs fishing charters from Fish.Travel. We caught about 6 mullett and went back to the spot. First bait in the water got wrecked by a perfect 27" Red that weighed 6:89 Redfish. In years past I would be pretty confident with a fish like that, but their are a few guys in the circuit that are a pain in the @$$!!! Today was no different. we were in first place Red and had the slam untill the last two boats knocked our Red to second and bumped us out of the slam. Thats tournament fishing!!!

I wanna thank our sponsors for taking care of this year.

Native Tackle Supply in sebastian is a great place to get all your fishing supplies and up to date fishing info.

Lagoon Custom Rods- The absolute best Fishing Rod i've ever used.

MHx- They make the blanks for our Rods. They are awesome blanks!!!

Date Added: 2011-07-05
Type of Fishing: Saltwater Fishing
Charter Service Name: O'Fishly Hooked Charters
Website URL:
Captains Name: Captain Larry Walter
Email Guide or Angler: Email Captain Larry Walter
Region You Fish: Sebastian Inlet
Biz Phone: 1-772-633-8240


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