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Vero Beach inshore fishing offers a wide variety of "fishin' holes" and an amazing assortment of desirable finned species. Inshore fishing Vero Beach can be accomplished in several bays and inlets, especially Sebastian Inlet, along with the Indian River Lagoon. This huge lagoon is actually made up of three lagoons: the Indian River, Mosquito Lagoon, and the Banana River. It's more than 150 miles in length, including plenty of mangroves and seagrass beds that provide cover for fish. The estuary serves as sort of a nursery for several species, and the larger moms and dads are usually hanging around, too.

Among the hundreds of finned fish species found in the Indian River Lagoon, the ones most anglers are interested in include tarpon, snook, redfish, king mackerel, bonefish, tripletail, black drum, spotted seatrout, weakfish, grouper, kingfish, sea bass, seven species of snapper, little tunny, permit, African pompano, Florida pompano, sheepshead, barracuda, flounder, lookdowns, triggerfish, bluefish, ladyfish, grunts, and spadefish. Shark fishing is a popular sport here, with no fewer than ten shark species that ply the waters of the lagoon. That's quite an impressive list!

Another prime location for Vero Beach inshore fishing is Sebastian Inlet, where anglers can fish from the beach, from two jetties, or from a boat. Fishermen are drawn to the inlet for matching their wits and skills against such species as tarpon, redfish, snook, flounder, spotted seatrout, Spanish mackerel, sheepshead, blackdrum, pompano, sharks, and bluefish. Fish are drawn there because of the abundant food and cover. You're never really sure what you might catch, which makes the experience even more exciting.

If you're not familiar with the area, or if you just want to make the most of your angling time, you'll probably want to hire a Vero Beach fishing guide. These guys know all about the spots that fish prefer, and they can usually tell when the fish are feeding and which baits and angling methods will work best at any given time, whether it's during the daylight hours or at night.

Your chances of hooking up with some great fish will be substantially increased with the help of a fishing guide in Vero Beach. For one thing, the guides have the right kind of boats for Vero Beach inshore fishing, and that can make a huge difference in getting to the fishy places. For another, they're real experts when it comes to locating the fish and helping you get your finned opponents from the water to the boat.

Vero Beach inshore fishing can be fun for anyone, from a true beginner or first-time angler to an intermediate to an experienced fisherman with hundreds of notches in his or her belt. But for the best, safest, and most productive trip, book with a Vero Beach fishing guide. Make your hours on the water really count. After all, catching is a lot more fun than fishing!

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